Add Frame to Your Photo

You may frame your photo with Frame Photo Editor. There are lots of frame provided by us. And there are also new frames available on our website to download.

You can select a frame for your photo, change or delete frame from photo. Only one frame could be added to your photo.

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Frame your photo as below

Just click the button "Select a Frame" on the left side of main window, the Frame Setting will be shown in the bottom part of main window. Click on the frame you want to add to your photo, you can see it on the picture right away.

Select different type of frame

In the Frame Setting window, there are several Tabs: "Cartoon", "Flower", "Other Frame". Click on the tab you want, then the frame in the set will be show. You can chang frame as you want. Sample shown as blow:


Delete Frame

If you don't need frame, click the mouse on the background image, then click just click the button "Delete".

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