How to Add PNG Templates for FramePhotoEditor

Since FramePhotoEditor Version 5.0, you can add normal PNG files as templates for your FramePhotoEditor. We add a fuction named "Manage Templates". If you are using previous version of FramePhotoEditor, we advise you to download the latest version from here.

This function is useful for those users who have a lot of lovely PNG files. They may get those PNG files from friends, or just download from internet.

Add PNG templates

You can Add png files to selected template group. Then you can use them as you want in FramePhotoEditor.

Click the menu "Help -> Manage Templates", the management window will popup.

Please click on the templates group on the left part of window. PNG files you select later will be added to the group you select. Click "Add" button on the window. In the file selecting dialog box, select the png files that you download from our website.

add png templates

After the operation finsihed, the new templates are added into FramePhotoEditor. You may use it freely.

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