Add Text to Your Photo

You may add text into your picture with Frame Photo Editor. You can also select the font size, font color, and font you want to use in your text.

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Add text to pictures as below:

Just click the button "Insert Text" on the left side of main window, the Text Setting will be shown in the bottom part of main window. Input text in the input box, select the font color, font size, and font, then click "OK" button. The text will be shown on the top-left corner of main windows. You can remove it with mouse.

Add text speakingbox to you picture

In the text Setting window, there is another Tab name "Select a SpeakingFrame". Click it. Then several speakingframe show in the window below. Click on the speakingframe you want to use, it will be shown on the top-left corner of Image Page window. You can move it, resize it to the place you want to put, then drag the text on to it. The effect shown as below:

After you have finished making the picuture, you can save it to disk as JPG format, set as the wallpaper of you pc, or just send it to your friends via Email inside Frame Photo Editor.

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