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Decorate your photos with Christmas Frames

When you take many photos on Christmas, you want to decorate them to act in cooperation with Christmas. Adding Christmas frames to the photos is a quick way, and it also saves your time and makes the photos more funny.

But where to find the new Christmas 2010 frames and which tool can help you?

Let Frame Photo Editor help you.

Frame Photo Editor is a practical, interesting and easy-to-use photo editing tool , which can help you quickly frame your photos, blend photos together, add photo mask effect, add cartoon, flower and other clips and text comments to make the pictures more meaningful.

Moreover, Frame Photo Editor provides kinds of templates, like "Cartoon", "Festival", "General", "Scenery", "Seasonal", "Others"

Various frames by Frame Photo Editor

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Import Christmas frames to Frame Photo Editor

And more templates are supported from the website.As Christmas is coming, the website has released multiple Christmas frames, you can free download and import them to use.

All templates for Christmas 2010

The importing process is very simple, just click the menu "Help > Manage Templates". You can Manage all the templates as you like.

Just click "Import" button on the window. In the file selecting dialog box, select the zip file that you download from our website.

Tips: Only templates download from can be imported into Frame Photo Editor.

You can add templates from PNG files you make or you can import templates in zip file which can be downloaded from our website

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

Decorate photos with Christmas Frames

The steps to frame your photos for Christmas are very simple. Download and install Frame Photo Editor, you will see the interface, it is very clear.

the interface of Frame Photo Editor

1.Select a suitable Christmas frame

Click "Select a Frame" button, and then select a specific category by clicking one tag of Frame. Just as the image shown below, double-click one frame to add it to the current image. And the size of the frame will be adjusted the same to the background.

Tips: For we want to frame photos, the background is not necessary, first, you can click "Delete Background" to remove it.

Select a frame for Christmas 2010

2 Add one or more Photos

You can click "Add a Photo" button to select a valid image file in the dialog to be load.

Then you will see the photo with a default mask show on the top-left corner of the background. The photo will be zoomed out if it's larger than the background size. And you can adjust the position and size of the photo by just clicking and dragging it.

Add a photo to Christmas templates

You can also add one more photos as you like. The setting step is the same.

Add a photo to Christmas templates

3. Add Clips & text and set them

Do you want to make them more beautiful, just add some amusing cartoon or flower clips. You can also click button "Insert Text" to add text comments or text frame.

Decorate photos with clips

4. Save, Print, Email or Set as wallpaper

After you finish all the decorating process, just click "Save" button to save the completed picture. You can also print them directly through the software's "Print" button or sent via Email using your default email client, or click "Wallpaper" button, the current editing picture will be set as the wallpaper of your PC.

Sample photos edited with Christmas templates

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

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