Simplify digital photo editing process

Most know Photoshop is the most professional digital photo editing software, but it needs professional graphic knowledge. If you don't know much about graphic knowledge, how to edit digital photos quickly and simply?

Let Frame Photo Editor help you, which would easily simplify your digital photo editing process.

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How to simplify digital photo editing process with Frame Photo Editor?

Frame Photo Editor gives you an easy way to edit digital photos, images or pictures and add many desirable effects onto them.

the interface of frame photo editor

From the above screenshot, you would feel the photo editor program very pleasant and well structured. In the middle right side, it is the working area and shows the picture. It has the simple options on the top and the left side of the screen which are easy to operate.

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

First of all, you can change the background for the picture from the various given selection by clicking "Select Background".

You can browse any available and use it as background. If you don't like this, just click "Delete Background" to erase it.

Second you can "Add a Photo" through the options given at the left side and the selected photo, and then the imported photo is shown on the screen.

Third You can add different mask to the picture by selecting one, there are different masks given with the program.

The software will open up "Set Photo Mask" by default. If you don't like a certain mask that you applied to the picture you can delete it with much ease.

This software supports a great deal of mask effects, you can set the masks' style for best "melt" results. You can still move, rotate and resize the photo and mask.

Fourth you can even add different clips to the images to make it more attractive.

The photo editing program offers multiple kinds of clips, such as cartoon, flowers and others.

photo editing clips

Fifth, click "Insert Text" to input text in the modified picture to make it more interesting.

Sixth, click "Select a Frame" to add frames from the large offered by the program to make your pictures stunning and amazing with the frames. You can any time erase the frame and also Zoom the image if required. You can have the best fit or your picture and also have the actual size of it.

Seventh, click "Save" to save the images and then set them as your wallpaper and also share them with your friends through email.

If you have some doubt, please refer to the help content. The help file of the software provides all the required information about the software.

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

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