Make Your Own Personalized Spring Photos

How time flies! It is at the beginning of March now and spring is on the road. Spring is the symbol of warmth, hope and vigorous development. As a Chinese saying goes, a year's plan starts with spring, so we should think about it and make 2011 a happy and rewarding year!

When spring is coming and the weather is becoming warmer and warmer, most people start to make a tour of scenic spots and take some pictures to keep the happy and sweet minutes. And here, we would like to teach you an easy way to design spring pictures .

Spring pictures editing tool - Frame Photo Editor

Frame Photo Editor is a powerful, practical and at the same time, easy to use photo editing tool which enables you to create marvelous spring pictures easily and quickly.

the interface of Frame Photo Editor

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

Powerful -> With Frame Photo Editor, you can select different backgrounds, choose a variety of frames (Cartoon, Festival, General, Scenery, Seasonal and Others), set various photo masks, add all kinds of beautiful clips (Cartoon, Flower and Other Clip), insert personalized texts and set photo effects (Bring to Front and Send to Back).

What's more, after finishing editing, you can also choose to save the delicate pictures, set them as desktop wallpapers, print them or email them directly within the program.

Practical -> All the above functions are commonly used when editing pictures in our daily life, and compared with other complex and expensive photo editors, Frame Photo Editor is much more economic.

Easy-to-use -> Due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Frame Photo Editor is quite easy to use, and no matter professionals or novices can handle it at first sight, for there are only a few mouse clicks away.

Personalized spring pictures

With Frame Photo Editor, you can add and delete many elements, and edit pictures in the way you like. In addition, it is very flexible to use, besides the templates provided by the software, you can use your own images (clips, backgrounds, frames) as long as the formats are supported.

beautiful spring picture   attractive framed spring picture

amazing spring picture   marvelous spring card

As you see, they are really very beautiful. Surely, you can make more beautiful and personalized spring photos. Download the software and have a free try right now!

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

Easily frame Easter pictures

Attractive Easter pictures are just as easy to make. Select a frame, import a photo, and a simple Easter picture is done. You can also set photo masks, add clips and insert texts according to your requirements.

beautiful easter picture   attractive easter picture

Download the free trial version right now and start to edit Easter photos in your way!

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