Edit photos freely with Frame Photo Editor

    Do you want to decorate your photos?

    Would you like to change photo's background?

    How to edit photos freely and easily?

    You have to choose a tool. Which tool can meet your needs?

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Now I'd like to introduce a powerful tool - Frame Photo Editor. This software can help you to edit photos freely. With Frame Photo Editor, you can set a mask for your photos, or add some words to photos. It allows you to select beautiful frames for your pictures. If you are satisfied with the photo, you can set it as wallpaper. Thus, your computer desktop is unique.

How to use Frame Photo Editor?

Is this photo editor software difficult to use? No, it is ultra easy - to - use. This tool is designed for everyone. You can edit your favorite photos just by some clicks. Now, let's see how to operate it.

Firstly, download Frame Photo Editor, and install it. You have to prepare your favorite photo. The interface of this software is clearly. Click the button "Add a photo". Your photo can be added to the software.

Secondly, you can see some buttons on the software. Click "Set Photo Mask", then many graphs appeared. You can decorate photos by double click them. If you don't like the mask you have added, also you can click "Delete Mask".

Photo Editor sample

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After you edit the photo, you can save it to a folder or select it as wallpaper. With Frame Photo Editor, you can select a background for your photos. You can locate your pictures by dragging. So, Frame Photo Editor is powerful and useful. It will make your life happy.

Some functions - decorate your photos

Add clips - you can see some pretty pictures after click this button. You can select cartoon, flower, or other clip. Double click the picture you like, and then you can see it on your photo.

Select a Frame - you can add beautiful frame for your photos. There are lots of frame styles, such as cartoon, festival, scenery, and so on. Choose one freely, and edit it on your photos.

Insert Text - you can input some words by this function. You can input text directly or select a speaking frame for your words.

Bring to Front - if you want to put one picture to the front, you can select it and click this button.

Sent to Back - this button is the same as Bring to Front.

If you have any problems on how to use, you can read Help Topic of the software.

Photo Editor sample

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

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