Use Frame Photo Editor to creat greeting photo cards for Father's Day

Greeting cards are used in many cases. But how to creat a beautiful one easily and quickly, this is a question.

Ever since Frame Photo Editor was producted, this question can be solved well.

How to creat a photo card for Father's Day with Frame Photo Editor

The following are detailed steps on creating an innovative greeting card in order to show you how to decorate your pictures and turn your pictures into a new look.

First of all, you need to download the card maker software, before you purchase, it is a trial version with "Frame Photo Editor" watermark. After buying, you are gonna to get the registration code, and enter them, the watermark gets removed.

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Step1. Select a Father's Day frame.

Frame Photo Editor builds in hundreds of picture frames for you to choose to decorate your pictures. The picture frames are divided into six major groups: Cartoon, Festival, General, Scenery, Seasonal and Others. Each group contains a series of attractive frames. Therefore it is quite easy for you to choose a suitable picture frame for your pictures.

Tips you need to know: The father's day frames are released recently, if you want to use them, first ree download the new picture frames for Father's Day from our website and import them into Frame Photo Editor. Thus, you will have more choices of picture frames for editing and decorating your pictures.

Select Father's Day frames

Press "Select a Frame" button, and the frame selection area will show on the bottom of the software. Select a suitable one for your pictures by double clicking it.

If you don't need background picture, click "Delete Background" to remove it, or click "Select Background" to change one. Here we delete it.

Select one Father's Day frame

Step2. Import your pictures.

Press "Add a photo" button, and a picture selection window will pop up. Select the picture you want to edit, and then click "Open" button. The picture will show on the top left of the editing platform of Frame Photo Editor with a default photo mask.

Add a Photo to Frame Photo Editor

The photo added is with mask by default. If you don't need a photo mask, delete it. You can adjust the picture to accommodate with the frame for better as well. Select your imported picture, and click "Send to Back" at the left of Frame Photo Editor, and the picture will be covered by the picture frame.

Adjust Photo on Frame Photo Editor

Step3. Add clips to decorate your pictures.

Click "Add Clips" button to choose your favorite picture clips by double clicking them. And the clips will show on the top left of the frame. you can resize the clip by dragging the eight corner points of the frame of the selected picture clip, position the clip by clicking and dragging it

Add a clip to decorate photos

Meanwhile, you can input texts to make your pictures unique and meaningful as you like.

Step4. Save your edited pictures.

Now, you can save your edited pictures by pressing the button "Save". Then a dialog box will pop up. Choose the place where you want to save the edited pictures, input the file name in the "File name" InputBox, select the output graphic format you like, and then click "Save" button of the dialog.

Save the edited photos

Then, a well decorated greeting card from your pictures is finished.

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

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