How to quickly make a greeting card for Father's Day

When Father's Day is coming, a greeting card is necessary. Nonetheless how to make a Father's Day greeting card easily and quickly? Let Frame Photo Editor come to help you.

Frame Photo Editor is the right Father's Day Card Editor which can solve your problems well. With this card editor's help, you could decorate & edit photos with all types of templates with only a few mouse clicks. You can also easily blend your digital photo onto another pictures or photos and apply artistic effects to your photos with Framing & Edging effects.

If you feel the pictures still dull, why not try to add any interesting decorations? You can also add flowers, cartoon pictures onto your pictures with it. Titles and captions are just as easy to add.

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Step-by-step guide to make a greeting card for Father¡¯s Day with this father's day card editor?

Step 1: Download, install and run the software

You will see the next user-interface. There is a default background on the main interface.

The screenshot of the card editor for Father's Day

1. The free trial version has watermark "FramePhotoEditor" on the picture you are editing, while the full version you purchase has no limitation.
2. If you have bought the application, you can click "Help -> Enter Registration Code" to register.

Step 2: Download and import the Father's Day templates

The latest Father's Day templates are not built-in the software. You need to download from our website and then import to use.

First, download new templates from our Father's Day templates website.

Click the menu "Help -> Manage Templates", the management window will popup. Click "Import" button on the window. In the file selecting dialog box, select the zip file that you download from our website.

After the operation finsihed, the new templates are installed into FramePhotoEditor. You may use them in "Festival" category freely.

Select Father's Day frames

Step 3: Select a frame

This card editor provides kinds father's day frames. There are also many other holiday-themed templates for you to free download and use.

If you don't need the background any more, just click "Delete Background" to remove it. And then you can click "Select a Frame" button, choose "Festival" category, and then select the Father's Day template you like. Double click to apply it to the main interface.

Select one Father's Day frame

Step 4: Add a photo & Adjust it

Click "Add a Photo" button to import the picture you want to edit. The picture with a default mask will be shown on the top-left corner of the main interface. You can move and resize the picture by clicking and dragging it.

Add a Photo to Frame Photo Editor

You can click button "Set Photo Mask" then click the page "Change photo and mask size", so that you can change the photo and mask's size and location. If necessary you can rotate them.

After you adjust all the things, click "Send to Back" to put the photo after the frame.

Adjust Photo on Frame Photo Editor

Step 5: Add clips

Click "Add Clips" button, and there will be Cartoon, Flower and Other Clip three categories. Double click the one you like to put it on your greeting card. You can add more than one clip onto your picture.

Add a clip to decorate photos

Step 6: Save it

If you want to save the current image, please follow these:
Step1: Click the button "Save" then a file saving dialog will popup.
Step2: You may fill the file name and select the type in the dialog, then click "Save" button in the dialog box, the current image will be saved.

Save the edited photos

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

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