There are lots of photo editing software. How to choose a photo editor for youself depends on your budget and image editing needs. You also need to think about the price of the photo editor software, and how long do you need to learn to use it. Professional software is expensive and might need to take a class in order to overcome the steep learning curve.

If you just want to edit your digital photo for some special effects, or if you don't have many experience of editing picture, Frame Photo Editor is a good choice.

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Great Photo Editing Software for Beginner

With Frame Photo Editor, you can make an attractive image in a few mouse clicks. Providing a lot of templates you could use in your pictures, such as flowers, cartoon pictures, this photo editing software make the photo editing work easy as mouse clicking.

With Frame Photo Editor you can add cool frames to your photos very quickly and easily. Resize, rotate, adjust color and add text to your pictures. After finished editing, you can print the photo, mail it to your friends or set as your desktop wallpaper. Frame Photo editor helps you edit your digital photos as easy as possible!

Photo Editor sample

You can see the simple steps to decorate your photos as below: Prepare your photo to decorate, select a mask for your photo, select cliparts, and select a frame, you can create a impressive photo creation.

No need to know a lot about digital photography and computer graphics to understand Frame Photo Editor. As an easy to use photo editing software, you could make your photos beyond impressive easily with it. A beginner could decorate pictures and edit photos like a pro!

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

Powerful Features of Frame Photo Editor

As a powerful and easy to use Photo Editor, FramePhotoEditor has powerful features:

  • Very easy to use. You can do most operations only by mouse
  • Blend several photos together softly with plenty of mask effects
  • Insert flowers, cartoons, and other templates which FramePhotoEditor provides into your photo
  • Write text comments on your picture with speakingframes
  • Frame your photos
  • Print photo after decorated
  • Set your framed photos as the wallpaper of your PC within the program
  • E-mail your framed photos to your friends directly from within the program
  • Our website will provide more templates and pictures used in your photo editing
  • Snazz up your mobiles, t-shirts, cups and any other item you can think of - there is just no limits as to what you can do!

So with Frame Photo Editor, you can easily decorate your photo to be unique. You can just select the professional effects for your photos, and no need to know how to create the professional effects. Frame Photo Editor will do all for you.

How Frame Photo Editor Works

Background. When you run Frame Photo Editor, there will be a default background image. You can select a new background image, FramePhotoEditor supports JPG format image.

Photo and Mask. You can add photos one by one onto FramePhotoEditor. After you select a photo, there will be a mask added automatically. You can delete the mask, or change another mask. The photo could be resized, rotated, and moved.

Cliparts. You can select clipart into the image. Rotate, resize, move it.

Text. Insert text into image, specifing font, color, size. And you can add a speech frame for text.

Frame. Select a frame for the editing photo. And you can move photo, resize, rotate photos.

Finished editing. After finished editing, you can Save to image file, Email, Set as wallpaper, Print it.

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

Some examples of Photo Editing Output

With Frame Photo Editor, you can also easily add cool frame, pretty flowers and cartoon clips onto your pictures. And insert text into pictures with speech frame. With the image editing software, you can make your photo more interesting and attractive.

enhance picture     album page maker     add frame, text, clips

After finished editing pictures with Frame Photo Editor, you can print them, email them, or set as your Desktop Wallpaper. You may also upload onto website, your album on Internet etc. It's also a photo album page maker.

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