A practical and multifunctional picture editor program

Well, it is time to free your creativity and imagination to design and make something from your pictures with Frame Photo Editor - a practical and multifunctional picture editor program.

Why not create a picture calendar with your well chosen pictures. Hang the calendar on the wall, and every day, you can see your pictures in a special way with a happy mood. Try Frame Photo Editor. With it, your can create a printable picture calendar. It is cool, isn't it?

It is a good idea to turn your pictures into picture cards as presents to send to your friends and relatives, isn't it? Well, try Frame Photo Editor. With its numerous stylish picture frames, delicate picture clips as well as the outstanding picture editing features, you can surely make exquisite and quality picture cards for your special people.

Besides, you can make picture collage and scrapbook from your pictures with Frame Photo Editor as well. Frame Photo Editor is so practical and multifunctional, why not have a try yourself?

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Brief introduction of Frame Photo Editor - the picture editor program

Frame Photo Editor is designed specifically for editing and decorating your pictures, and making them to be unique, distinctive and appealing. As a practical and powerful picture editor program, it specializes in blending your photos together with another picture perfectly and softly due to the marvellous mask technology, decorating your photos with its numerous photo frame templates and picture clips, and adding text commons on your photos to make your photos special and unique.

Frame Photo Editor comes with everything you need to edit your photos. No matter you are a novice or a professional, so long as you are imaginative and creative, you can make your own attractive artworks from your pictures with Frame Photo Editor.

The advantages you can get from the picture editor program

Diverse and stylish picture frame templates to frame your pictures

Frame Photo Editor builds in hundreds of designer and diverse picture frame templates for you to decorate your pictures. And the picture frames always stay fresh due to continual updates, so you can free download new frames from our website when they come out. Import new frames into Frame Photo Editor, and you will have more choices on picture frames for editing your pictures.The picture templates inbuilt Frame Photo Editor are divided into six categories: Cartoon, Festival, General, Scenery, Seasonal and Others. Each category contains a series of exquisite picture frame templates. So it is quite easy for you to choose a suitable template for your photos.


Various masks to blend your pictures

Different picture masks make your pictures look different. And the picture masks can well blend your different pictures together.

There are quite a large number of picture masks in Frame Photo Editor. Press "Set Photo Mask" at left of Frame Photo Editor, the mask selection area will show up. Choose the one you like by double clicking it.


          Look, the difference is quite obvious.

And you can adjust the size and position of the mask and the photo at will. Change mask and photo size, move mask in photo, rotate mask and photo, all these operations are supported by Frame Photo Editor, which will help you better present your design ideas.


Many delicate picture clips to decorate your pictures

It is quite fun to add picture clips onto your photos, and make them perfectly integrate with each other. Frame Photo Editor prepares for you lots of delicate picture clips, including Cartoon, Flower and Other Clips. And you will surely find suitable clips for your editing pictures.


You can also set picture masks on picture clips to make the clips better blend with your editing pictures.

Add text commons and speaking frames to personalize your pictures

Frame Photo Editor supports you adding text commons onto your editing pictures. And there are various font styles, font colors and font sizes for you to choose. So you can add anything you want to say in any way with Frame Photo Editor.


If you need, you can also add speaking frames on your photos. There are many speaking frames for you to choose.


Print or email your edited pictures, or set it as wallpaper

Frame Photo Editor can print or email your edited pictures directly with its Print and Email functions. And you can also set the edited picture as wallpaper of your PC by pressing "Wallpaper".


Photo frame template, photo mask, texts, picture clips as well as digital photos, all of these can be perfectly and softly blended by Frame Photo Editor - the practical picture editor programe. Frame Photo Editor must be the best choice for you to edit your pictures.

Why not have a try yourself?

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

The following are some examples to show you how Frame Photo Editor can help you edit your pictures and make something full of your imagination and creativity.
Tips: if you edit your pictures with our trial version of Frame Photo Editor, you will find the watermark "Frame Photo Editor" always on your editing pictures. And you can unlock this limitation by purchasing the full version of Frame Photo Editor.


        Set one of your pictures as background by pressing "Select Background" button at the left of Frame         Photo Editor. Then, you can add picture clips, text comments and speaking frame if you need to edit the         picture at will.


        Choose a frame template from the frame library of Frame Photo Editor carefully for editing your pictures.         Add picture clips as ornaments, and input texts to describe your pictures or express your feelings. Then,         a designer and special photo card full of your love is finished. The operation is quite easy. Just with a few         mouse clicks, you can make a special gift for your lovely children.


Frame Photo Editor provides you a broad platform to edit your pictures at will. Here is a chance to give full play to your imagination and creativity, and a chance to turn your pictures into some artworks by yourself. Why not have a try?

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

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