DIY Valentines wallpapers

It will be of great fun to DIY Valentines wallpapers, won't it? Thus you can create Valentines wallpapers as you wish. What is essential here is a user-friendly and powerful Valentines card maker, which will make your Valentines wallpapers more professional, unique, stylish and impressive. Well, try Frame Photo Editor. It is such a Valentines card maker which will greatly optimize your homemade Valentines wallpapers.

To edit Valentines wallpapers is one of the key strengths of Frame Photo Editor. With this Valentines card maker, you can frame your carefully selected photos with its hundreds of exquisite photo frames, including its new and old Valentines photo frames; decorate Valentines wallpapers with its various lovely Picture Clips which will definitely brighten your handmade Valentines wallpapers; blend pictures or images together naturally and harmoniously with its Photo Masks; write whatever words you want to say on the Valentines wallpaper of your own making and the like

Valentines wallpaper1       Valentines wallpaper2       Valentines wallpaper3

Just have a try, and this Valentines card maker will never let you down.

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How to make a Valentines wallpaper

The following will show you how quick and easy it is to DIY a Valentines wallpaper as below with Frame Photo Editor.

a well-designed Valentines wallpaper

Step1. Free download Frame Photo Editor, install and run it.

Warn: the downloaded Frame Photo Editor is a trial version with the limitation that the text "Frame Photo Editor" will be always on the surface of your editing Valentines wallpapers. However, you can remove the limitation by purchasing a full version.

Step2. Select a suitable frame.

Click "Select a Frame" on the left-hand main menu of Frame Photo Editor, and photo frame selection area will show up on the bottom. Double click a photo frame you like.

how to select a frame

Sep3. Import a photo

Press "Add a Photo", from the pop-up photo selection window choose the photo you like, and click "Open" button. The photo will show up with a default mask on the top-left corner of the editing background of Frame Photo Editor.

Click the photo, and drag the eight corner of the selected photo to zoom in or zoom out the photo.

how to add a photo

Step4. Decorate the Valentines wallpaper.

You can add Picture clips by pressing "Add Clips" button, or import pictures or images form your computer to decorate your Valentines wallpaper if necessary.

Step5. Write texts on Valentines wallpaper..

Click the button "Insert Text", and the text editing area will show up on the bottom of Frame Photo Editor. Then, you can freely edit the texts for your Valentines wallpaper, and numerous text fonts, colors and sizes are for you to choose freely.

how to edit text for Valentines wallpaper

Step6. Save your handmade Valentines wallpaper.

Save the Valentines wallpaper by pressing "Save" button on the top of Frame Photo Editor. Besides, you can click "Save Project" to save the whole project of this Valentines wallpaper, and when you want to further edit this Valentines wallpaper, you just open the project.

free to download and try Frame Photo Editor Buy Full Version Now! Only $29.95 USD

To DIY Valentines wallpapers is such a simple task, isn't it? Frame Photo Editor not only enables you easily and quickly to make Valentines wallpapers, but also helps you make your Valentines wallpapers quality, stylish and different. Why not have a try to DIY Valentines wallpaper with your characteristics right now.

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